Love/hate watercolour?

I have a love-hate relationship with watercolour.  It’s a medium that offers beautiful, vibrant colour – and makes me want to scream.  It can look effortless – yet nothing is further from the truth. It’s rapid to use and slow to master. And there is nothing like it for capturing atmosphere.

So this is a WATERCOLOUR blog for people who think they hate painting in watercolour.  Or have seen too many washed-out pictures of flowers to take it seriously as a medium.  Or have felt self-conscious sketching from cafe tables.

I’ll be demonstrating techniques that I have perfected – and having a go at those I haven’t!  I’ll be sharing thoughts on exhibitions – and what you can learn from masters old and new. Most of all, I’ll be posting lots of work-in progress pictures, and hopefully letting you learn from my (frequent) mistakes.  Let me know how you get on.

I’m a part-time artist, selling in a couple of galleries in London – but my painting time is very much stolen from the day job. I’m currently living in Paris, which helps!  I love travelling and painting new places – and watercolour is of course perfect for this.  Seriously, have you tried travelling far with an oil-painting set-up?



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